Foreign cars





The police control the foreign enrollments, don't let them get caught.

Many vehicles are not legalized because the owners assume that there is no police control or lack of knowledge of the law. In fact, the police put in the database the foreign vehicles it finds in circulation.

You have 12 months to get Portuguese enrollments with tax exemption

From the moment you set up residence in Portugal through a residence permit or a European Union certificate, you start counting the 12 months to register the vehicle without penalty.

We handle the whole process for you

Tax exemption

See if you qualify for the tax exemption and don't pay taxes.

We manage the process with Customs to regulate the fiscal situation, asking for the tax exemption whenever possible.

Bureaucracy management

Elaboration of the documentary dossier and obtaining special documents:

  1. COC – Certificate of Automobile authenticity
  2. Automobile inspection

Car Documents

Registration of the vehicle with the Portuguese transit authorities and obtaining:

     1. Property Documents

     2. Portuguese Registrations

Do you know if you're exempt from the automobile tax?

The automobile taxation in Portugal is very high and be exempt or can not decide whether it pays to bring the car to the country.

Advice and tips on the automobile tax

  • Any foreign car that is in Portugal more than 365 days in a row has to be legalized.
  • A foreign national can only legalize with tax exemption, one (1) vehicle.
  • Due to high taxation, a small car type CLIO 1.2, with 4 years of life, will pay a tax of about 3.000.00 € to 4.000.00 €.
  • To obtain the tax exemption you have to give proof that you no longer live in your home country.
  • A mechanical inspection must be carried out for the purposes of legalization
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